Snowdrops walks at Thenford

Snowdrops have grown in Thenford’s woodlands and church yard for decades, carpeting the ground with a wash of white flowers each February. Lord and Lady Hesletine were encouraged Henry and Carolyn Elwes of Colesbourne Park to broaden their collection of snowdrops in the Nineties. These were planted beneath the magnificent ash tree, west of the walled garden. The ash tree acted as a nursery for a small collection of named cultivars until their numbers had increased.

Since May 2014 Deputy Head Gardener and Galanthophile Emma Thick has been instrumental in expanding the collection to its current size. We currently grow over 600 different species and cultivars.

In recent years we have focused on moving and dividing the existing clumps into better locations to create snowdrop walks through parts of the garden. We have been opening the garden for the snowdrop days each in February since 2016.

In future we aim to add autumn flowering cultivars which will help add extra interest to our October open days.